Application of Remote Sensing Aerial Photogrammetry in FPV Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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 [Abstract] With the deepening of the times, the existing aeronautical remote sensing technology becoming unable to adapt our current needs. Recently, FPV UAV remote sensing aerial technology has been developed into the practical application stage, it can be said at the right time to meet the needs of aviation remote sensing business.


, Explanation of terms

 【pilotless airplane

Pilotless airplane is a kind of powered, controllable and reusable unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) that can perform a wide range of tasks with mission equipment.



 【FPV UAV aerial photography

    FPV UAV aerial photography is based on unmanned aerial vehicles as the air platform to airborne remote sensing equipment, such as high-resolution CCD digital camera, light optical camera, infrared scanner, laser scanner, magnetic measuring instrument to acquire information. The computer carries on processing to the image information, and according to certain precision request makes the image.


 【UAV remote sensing technology

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Remote Sensing (UAV) is a new type of remote sensing technology based on advanced unmanned aerial vehicle technology, remote sensing sensor technology, telemetry and remote control technology, communication technology, GPS differential positioning technology and remote sensing application technology. It can realize automation, intelligence, The rapid acquisition of land and natural resources, natural environment, earthquake and other remote sensing information, and complete remote sensing data processing, modeling and application analysis of the application technology.

 UAV remote sensing aerial photo display 

UAV remote sensing aerial photo display

, development status

At present, there are more than 30 kinds of FPV unmanned aerial vehicles, more than 300 kinds of FPV unmanned aerial vehicles, and 55 countries are equipped with FPV unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) in more than 30 countries and regions, but the Fastest growing and highest levels are mainly the United States and Israel. In addition to the United States and Israel two major FPV unmanned aerial vehicle development countries, Western European countries and China's neighboring countries and regions have developed or are developing a wide range of FPV unmanned aerial vehicles.


China started late in FPV unmanned aerial vehicles late, with its growing economic strength, a number of new FPV unmanned aerial vehicle equipment have been successfully developed and delivered, FPV UAV equipment architecture has been greatly improved, the modernization level Has been significantly improved. FPV UAV is mainly used in China's national basic mapping, digital city construction, urban planning, mineral development and other fields, because FPV UAV aerial technology manufacturing costs far lower than satellite remote sensing, which allows FPV unmanned aerial vehicle development being applied to the fields of agricultural production, new rural construction and daily social and economic activities.



, application areas

In the military field, FPV UAV is widely used, because of low cost, cost-effective, no casualties, strong survivability, and easy mobility.


In the civil field, such as FPV UAV high voltage patrol line, FPV UAV forest fire patrol, large disaster monitoring (such as Wenchuan earthquake), aerial photography and so on, UVA will has an inestimable developing prospect. Among them FPV aerial photography is a set of single chip technology integrated with serial sensor technology, GPS navigation aerial technology, communication aerial service technology, flight control technology, mission control technology, programming technology and other hardware and relying on high-tech products.



, application examples


Quickeye (fast-eye) emergency space information service center is China's unmanned aerial vehicle emergency remote sensing applications and remote sensing is a pioneer. In less than two years, the model has been successfully operating nearly 100,000 square kilometers, widely used in 1: 1000,1: 2000 mapping, mapping and emergency areas;


UAV-RS technology in the North Carolina, USA continues natural disaster investigation, and analysis of accurate assessment of the loss of houses and villages. It shows the rapid response capability of UAV remote sensing technology and provides timely and accurate data for disaster management.


, Japan's disaster reduction organizations using RPH1 and YANMAHA unmanned aerial vehicles carrying high-precision digital cameras and radar scanners are erupting volcanoes to investigate, UAVs can be difficult to access areas where fast access to live on-site assessment of the disaster. The radiation intensity of the radiation source with different burial depths was quantitatively studied. To provide basic data for the management of nuclear power plants and other nuclear facilities.



, summary

FPV unmanned aerial vehicle remote sensing system, due to its advantages of maneuverability, economy and speed, will become one of the major aeronautical remote sensing technologies in the future.


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