Headlines: 2016 International UAV competition grand opening

        June 17, 2016, a three-day "International UAV Competition" held in Shenzhen, China Convention and Exhibition Center grand. International Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Exhibition is sponsored by China UAV Industry Association and Shenzhen Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Industry Association. The theme is "Intelligent Unmanned Aerial Vehicle - Outstanding Future". More than 110 unmanned aerial vehicle companies brought over 200 unmanned aerial vehicles for this competition. China's first international unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) competition attracted top players from 6 countries. Heads and exhibitors of UAV industry association from the United States, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Germany and other 12 countries and regions, attended the opening ceremony.

International Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition


● To build the first international UAV competition

        Shenzhen, as a global unmanned aerial vehicle industry base in China has a unique advantage, the current international unmanned aerial vehicle exhibition show the world the most popular unmanned aerial vehicle. In 2015, Shenzhen, China dominated 70% of the global civilian small unmanned aerial vehicle market share. China's DJ, AEE, and other enterprise UAV products ranked top among the world. Annual sales for more than 300 unmanned aerial vehicles enterprise reach 20 billion RMB. China SZUAVE has become the vane of China as well as the global UAV market. Unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) on includes: unmanned helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, unmanned airships, unmanned aerial vehicles, and flapping-wing miniature unmanned aerial vehicles.

2016 China Shenzhen unmanned aerial vehicle competition


● Flying sensor

        With the development of science and technology, unmanned aerial vehicles become the "high-end and high-grade" technology products, now "flying into the homes of ordinary people" is the trend. As a "flying sensor", the UAV's most imaginative space in the civil space is used as a data port in the air, providing a more accurate and powerful data stream for connecting global industrial 4.0 "Big Data" systems. UAV flight platform can be widely used in national ecological environmental protection, aerial photography, mapping, mineral resources exploration, disaster monitoring, traffic patrol, power patrol line, security monitoring, emergency disaster mitigation, emergency command, artificial rainfall, national security, land resources Exploration, Town Planning, Earthquake Investigation, Environmental Monitoring, Forest Fire Prevention, Crop Production Estimation, Wildlife Monitoring in Protected Areas, Narcotics Reconnaissance, Fire Detection, Eco-Environmental Protection, Marine Environmental Monitoring, Land Use Investigation, Water Resources Development, Crop Growth Monitoring and Estimation , Agricultural operations, natural disaster monitoring and assessment, urban planning and municipal management, forest pest protection and monitoring, digital city and other fields. UAV has become increasingly important at home and abroad geographic information industry sources of data and information access.

        Currently the global civilian UAV industry has formed a market size of about 100 billion US dollars, the next 10-20 years is the golden age of UAV development. The industry's potential demand will gradually appear, China's civil unmanned aerial vehicles have just started a huge market space, it will enter a period of rapid development in the near future.

unmanned aerial vehicle competition


● International UAV World Cup

        In order to enhance the attractiveness of the exhibition, the game uses multi-rotor models, from the UAV speed, controllability, security, life and other aspects. It is reported that the international unmanned aerial vehicle competition is held by Shenzhen Rainbow Eagle Research Institute Co., Ltd. China First Vision Technology Co., Ltd., Beijing, China Voyage Investment Management Co., Ltd., Shenzhen, China Power Technology Co., Ltd. and China Shenzhen Zhong'an Media Co., Ltd., and cooperated with IDRA World Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Racing Union, WDP Dubai UAV Grand Prix and Drone National World Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Competition. The top 5 of the international tournament will directly advance to USA Hawaii Competition. Competition with the world unmanned aerials competition indoor lighting track and the "first person perspective" (First Person View). Under the conditions of the competition rules, the contestants were able to optimize the unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) to optimize the UAVs' speed, steering and other problems while maintaining the stability of the UAVs. They also needed to wear the goggles with no delay VR function, through the unmanned aircraft from the camera back to the screen, the UAV on the track control. In addition, the game also for each UAV in different colors of smear, so that participants and referees can quickly identify the UAV's ID.

Fpv international unmanned aerials match the world's best

        Over 50 players participated the International UAV competition. About 5,000 spectators live to watch the contest. Dino team from Netherlands, Worasorn Subsri Team from Thailand, and LE PAPE Jorand Team from France as well as a number of top domestic UAV racing top players participated the competition. After fierce competition, players from China won the International Championship, Dutch players won the silver medal, and the Chinese players were invited to participate US Drone National Hawaii Events in the October.。

Concluding remarks

        Annual international UAV industry event, not only show the development of China's unmanned aerial vehicle industry, but also show advanced unmanned aerial vehicle products, technology and other aspects of the achievements made remarkable achievements. The current international unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) industry competition event fully demonstrated the front-end technology and innovation and development of UAV, for the Chinese and foreign enterprises to create more business opportunities, leading the industry sustained and healthy development has made contributions.




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