Home Alarm System SP61R

Home Alarm System SP61R
Home Alarm System SP61R 黑色 3 4 5

This is a Solar power PIR alarm with auto dial function, you can easily arm and disarm with the keypad, When PIR detect any motion, it will alarm and auto dialer the preset phone numbers and place voice message to call for help when phone put through, it is energy saving ,eco-friendly, wall mounted &free standing design for easy to DIY installation.

*Solar Panel for power Supply, Support Home illumination lights or un-direct sunlight.  
*Auto dail 3 sets of programmable telephone number, max 16 digits for each number
*Record and play voice message for 6 seconds
*PIR detect as far as 23 feet, 120 degree horizontal and 60 degree vertical
*Can set silent mode for phone dialing only when intruder is detected
*30 seconds exit delay
*5 seconds entry delay
*Siren sound: 130dB
*Can pair with PABX phone system
*Wall mounted or free standing for DIY installation in a minute
*Power operation: Solar power and 3pcs AA size alkaline batteries (not included)
*Low battery power indicator
*One year warranty
Design for security of: Stores ,Office,Library,Wearhouse, Home and so on


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