Wireless Door&Window Alarm SP65

Wireless Door&Window Alarm SP65
Wireless Door&Window Alarm SP65 黑色 3 4 5 6



Solar Vibration & Magnet Alarm
This is a Solar power vibration and magnet alarm, When Magnet Sensor separated or any vibration, it will alarm . it is energy saving ,eco-friendly, DIY Installation on window or door.

*Solar Panel for power Supply, Support home illumination lights or un-direct sunlight.
*Ultra-loud 130dB alarm sound
*Programmable 4-digit security code
*Can use magnetic contact function only
*Exit delay 30 seconds, entry delay 5 seconds
*Auto reset alarm function
*Power Supply: Solar power and 3pcs AAA size alkaline batteries (not included)Battery low indicator
*Low power consumption design, standby current 20μA
*Mounted on door or window frame
*DIY installation in a few seconds
*One year warranty

Design for security of: Stores ,Office,Library,Wearhouse, Home and so on


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