Hobby Expo China 2017--SINOPINE is waiting for you

The 18th China international model fair will be held in Beijing exhibition center at April 21-23, 2017,  shenzhen Sinopine technology will meet you at booth A23. There will be lot of audience which is expected to reach 59,300 person, including present overseas audience will reach 1562 people. More than 50 TV and other public medias will report the event. Let’s look forward together to that wonderful time! 


China international model expo was founded in 2001, it is the largest professional exhibition also the most influential model exhibition in the asia-pacific region's. The 18th international model show of 2017 has a much larger scale, up to 285 companies will take participate in, it will be more professional on exhibition distribution and it covering more comprehensive, including: model cars, model aircraft, ship, aircraft and other categories. Sinopine technology will exhibit more comprehensive upgrade products, we will reward our customers worldwide with better products, better after-sales service,

Hobby Expo China 2017--SINOPINE

The exhibition information is as follows:

Exhibition name: the 18th annual China international model exposition

The exhibition location: Beijing exhibition center

Exposition time: April 21-23, 2017

Sinopine booth number:  A23

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